Photos are from Sydney and Hayman Island.

638a5115 Australian Brushturkey

638a0613 Australian White Ibis

638a0593 Masked Lapwing

638a0563 Noisy Miner

638a5750 Barn Swallow

638a6413 Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike

638a6202 Galah

638a6134 Rainbow Lorikeet

638a5923 Sulpher-crested Cockatoo

638a9959 White Cockatoo

638a9946 Australian Magpie

638a5658 Magpie Lark

638a6383 Pied Currawong

638a6410 Bush-stone Curlew

638a6769 Kookaburra

638a7792 Olive-backed Sunbird

638a7676 Eastern Osprey

638a7585 White-bellied Sea Eagle

638a7783 Pacific Reef Heron

638a6778 White-faced Heron

638a7233 Southern Boobook

638a6537 Black Noddy

638a6100 Dusky Moorhen

638a0610 Great Cormorant

638a0371 Australian Wood Duck

638a5656 Pacific Black Duck

638a4893 Silver Gull


638a6470-2 Fruit Bats

638a6880 Night photos

img_5851-2 Termites

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