Primarily from Machias area, so way up North (which of course is called Down East).

img_0867 American Redstart

img_0286 Atlantic Puffin

img_9851 Bald Eagle

img_0684 Black Guillemot

img_0656 Common Eider

img_0502 Common Murre

img_0302 Arctic Tern

img_0694 Common Tern

img_0790 Double-crested Cormorant

img_0855 Golden-crowned Kinglet

img_0537 Osprey

img_0236 Razorbill

img_0340 Savannah Sparrow

Common Loon *

Laughing Gull *

Herring Gull *

Great Black-backed Gull *


img_0586 Gray Seal

img_9844 Moon



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